What Happens if I Have to Register?

The requirements for registration are quite complicated and are changing rapidly based on both new laws and an ongoing federal class action lawsuit brought by the Legal Aid Society. If you are deemed by the court to be at the highest risk level, you could have to personally verify your registration every 90 days for life. That means you will have to go in person to your local police station every three months to check in. The community will be notified of your presence by the police, a special (800) number, and on the Internet, where your photo and other specific identifying information will be posted. At the lower levels of registration, your personal information is made available or publicized.

Once your category and risk level are determined, the state will inform you of your reporting requirements. However, it is best to consult with an attorney before your risk level is determined in order to investigate whether there is any way to reduce your risk level at the hearing.

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