Clelia Gore
Martin Literary Management
I worked under Zach as an associate in 2010 and 2011. I have the highest opinion of Zach as an attorney. Together, we went before many federal judges on behalf of our clients in sentencing hearings. Time and time again, judges specifically commended Zach on his representation of his clients, particularly the caliber of his sentencing memorandums. Zach's representation led to many of his clients receiving lenient sentences, and in some cases, probation only. I was always impressed with his intelligence, his compassion for his clients and his passion for the law and representing his clients. He is a true "lawyer's lawyer."

Clelia reported directly to Zachary

Vidya Pappachan
Court Attorney at New York City Criminal Court
Zachary is a brilliant attorney - he has a keen understanding of the law, with years of experience and practices with diligence and integrity. It was a pleasure to work with and learn from Zach, as he provided thoughtful and meticulous guidance. Zach is undoubtedly a devoted and passionate advocate for his clients, who operates with confidence, reliability, and the utmost professionalism.

Vidya worked with Zachary but at different companies

Richard E. Signorelli
Attorney at Law Office of Richard E. Signorelli
Zachary is a terrific attorney and person. I highly recommend him.

Richard worked with Zachary but at different companies

Joel Aurnou
Attorney at McCarthyFingar LLP
Zachary is an excellent lawyer with great concern for his clients and equally great skills and thinking outside the box. I met him as an adversary and chose to keep him as a friend. He is both able and dedicated. In his areas of practice, he is outstanding.

Joel worked with Zachary at Law Office of Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma

Ronald C.
Private equity & mutual fund accountant
I highly recommend Zachary as a defense attorney. I hired him on a very serious jury case and the bottom line is we won. It is the best decision of my life at a critical point in my life. Zach was very professional, personable, a diligent expert, a masterful strategist but most importantly he took the time to understand my perspective. From our very first consultation, I could sense that he would truly defend my perspective and not just manage a case. When there were important decisions to make, he advised me but respected my right to choose. Because of that, I trusted him even more and it paid off. Zach is my hero. God has truly blessed him with the skills, passion and work ethic that makes him born to be a successful attorney. I can't say enough about how much I respect Zach as an attorney. But I am even more grateful that I chose to work with him when it mattered the most.
Ronald C.

Ronald was Zachary's client

Caitlin M.
Fraud Risk, Head Girls Tennis Coach & Creator of Love Life Recipe
Recently I hired Zach as my attorney, and honestly it made all the difference. One of the most important decisions you can make is hiring the right lawyer and hiring Zach was by far the best decision I ever made. Before meeting Zach, I felt like I was lost in the legal system, as if no one was really 100% on my side understanding the issue. I wasn’t going to back down or accept things for how they were and I wanted a lawyer who would share that same feeling. I had spoken to lawyers before, but I never was truly satisfied with any of them, it just became more frustrating for me. I felt like they didn’t really understand what I needed, and weren’t genuinely advocating for me. The main quality I was looking for was someone who would be a voice for me which is exactly what I got with Zach.

After our first in-person meeting I remember leaving his office and feeling so relieved and happy that I finally found someone who knew what he was doing, understood everything, listened, and was going to work to get me the best outcome. If ever I had a question or anything he responded promptly and I always felt confident in him and his work. I value his opinion without a doubt and know that he’s looking out for his clients’ best interests at all times.

He took my case head on and gave me the best legal advice possible. He fought for me like I would have done for myself. He far exceeded my expectations and I am forever grateful for the work he’s done for me. If ever someone needed legal assistance he would be the first person I would recommend. I think sometimes when it comes to the law in certain situations it feels as though no outcome of a case will ever be good enough or you’ll never get the justice that’s deserved. Zach gets you to that best outcome. He always made sure I felt comfortable with decisions and the legal process. Zach is a very rare, exceptional lawyer with unbelievable talent. He has excellent skills, is extremely intelligent, understands the laws and knows how to get things done. His clients’ best interest is truly his number one priority. Looking back on the past year and all the events I just wish I knew Zach sooner. There are certain people you meet in your life who can make all the difference and Zach is one of those people. I can’t thank him enough for all his efforts. I promise you will not regret working with Zach.

Caitlin M. was Zachary's client

Raymond Walker
Freelance Writer
Recently I found myself in trouble with the federal government. It is an understatement to say it was overwhelming. You search for logic, but instead, find a steamroller heading towards you and very few options. It was frightening and stressful. I feared the worst and justifiably so. However, I was very fortunate (actually one of the luckiest guys in the world) to find someone who could not only help but who also cared and was capable of stepping up to the task. Intelligent, experienced, articulate, realistic in approach and advice, Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma made a significant difference in my situation and I am forever grateful.

With careful thought and effort, Zach guided me through each stage of the process and achieved the best outcome possible. I am often told the ideal result is unheard of given my circumstance. People well versed in legalities uniformly comment on how fortunate I was to have such a remarkable attorney. The conclusion to my case was worlds apart from the ordinary and all too usual resolution but had nothing to do with good fortune. It had everything to do with the talent, insight, good advice and wise approach taken by Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma and his careful handling of what was involved. Zach’s knowledge of the system and familiarity with the process, as well as his writing, research and presentation skills, are absolutely second to none.

My life would be very different today had it not been for Zach. I recall interviewing attorneys at the outset and he stood apart immediately. There was a feeling regarding his abilities and it only grew stronger as things progressed. To be honest, we had disagreements, but Zach was correct in all his instincts and every course of action recommended. He took the time to consider what I thought and encouraged me to be part of the process. He provided opportunities to weigh options and discuss them in detail. He consistently made time to do so, far beyond the normally expected obligation of an attorney.

I assure you that the dedication and experience of Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma is uniquely qualified. His extraordinary impact on my case was enormous. I can promise that if you are in trouble and need a highly capable, results-oriented attorney, do not hesitate to reach out to Zach. The most important decision you will make is your choice of attorney. Hiring him will be a decision you will never regret. There is no better feeling, as you go through something as devastating as the federal legal process, than knowing someone who is the absolute best is protecting you. Zach is a one of a kind attorney and I will never forget him for all that he did. In my home he is more than just a lawyer who came to my rescue, he is a personal hero.” RW — New York

Adam Perlmutter
Perlmutter and McGuinness, PC
Zachary provides excellent legal services to his client. His knowledge of case law, and his excellent skills both in the courtroom and in briefs, consistently give his client's the best results possible. Zachary is also an individual of great integrity. He has respect for the court and the process that is ever apparent and appreciated by judges and adversaries alike. Zachary is the first person I pick up the phone if I need a penetrating analysis of a difficult and complex legal problem. He is a lawyer's lawyer who knows how to get results.

Adam has worked with Zachary on multiple cases

Ryan Blanch
AV Rated Criminal Attorney and Managing Partner of The Blanch Law Firm (
I have had the opportunity to see Zachary in action while he was conducting a federal trial for which he was lead trial counsel. He's a highly talented trial attorney skilled in the art of cross examination. I recommend him highly.

Ryan worked directly with Zachary at Law Office of Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma

Mark Bederow
Principal Attorney at the Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C.
I met Zack while I was representing a client in a high profile murder case in 2007. Zack represented a witness who was subpoenaed against his will. Although our interests were adverse, Zack was the consummate professional--calm and well versed in the relevant legal issues. He acted as an outstanding advocate for his client. I would recommend Zack to potential clients without hesitation.

Mark was with another company when working with Zachary at Law Office of Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma

David Feldman
Senior Enforcement Counsel at NYSE Regulation
Zachary is a top-notch lawyer who fights vigorously to advance his clients' interests. I have referred cases to him in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

David was a consultant or contractor to Zachary at Law Office of Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma

Eric Creizman
Member and Principal Attorney, Creizman LLC
Zack and I worked on a federal trial together in 2002. He is extraordinarily bright and creative. He is the rare attorney who is talented both in the courtroom before a jury and in briefing points of law before the court. What I think impresses me most about Zack is that he constantly is thinking about his clients and what strategies to employ to achieve the best results. He takes his work home with him, talks to other lawyers, reads professional journals, anything and everything to get an edge for his clients. If a family member were in legal trouble, I would have no hesitation in asking Zack to represent him.

Eric was with another company when working with Zachary at Law Office of Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma

Amber D.
Public Relations Manager at Miami City Ballet
Zachary helped me through a difficult time and was extremely professional and respectful. I would highly recommend him. Thanks again!

Amber was Zachary's client