How Much Does It Cost to Bring a Lawsuit for Sex Assault or Sex Abuse?

Legal fees in a lawsuit for sexual assault or date rape are typically paid as a "contingency fee." That means that the attorney collects a portion of the proceeds of the lawsuit, usually one third of the amount collected. If the attorney is unable to collect any money on your behalf, there is no legal fee due. We bring lawsuits on a contingency basis in carefully selected cases where both the victim's injuries can be proven and the defendant (i.e. the person who assaulted you or another person responsible for your injuries) is able to pay a judgment if we win. In other cases, we charge victims on an hourly basis to advocate on their behalf in dealing with the authorities such as the police or the district attorney's office. The Law Office of Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma has obtained large settlements for victims of sexual abuse. If your case is strong and there is an individual or organization able to compensate you for your injuries, we will work hard to ensure you obtain all the compensation you deserve.